Returns and claims

If the goods should be delivered back to the Supplier, it is necessary to provide all the documents that the manufacturer has attached to the goods, as well as a purchase confirmation document (invoice), which is also is a guarantee certificate.

Attention! The customer is responsible for all returned items until they reach our warehouse. Make sure everything is packed correctly and that there is no risk of damage to the product in transit.

For warranty service, the buyer is advised to provide a complete set of purchase goods (package if avalible).
We guarantee warranty repairs on a fly, if all spare parts or replacement goods are at stock.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:
• the damage was caused by the customer;
• the goods were damaged or disassembled by the customer
• the item is damaged by natural disaster, lightning, fire, flood, etc.;
• damage caused by foreign elements, liquids, insects, dust, etc.;
• damage is associated with the use of non-original products or the use of products that have not been certified by the manufacturer for use with these products;
• the warranty seal or the serial number of the product is damaged, signs of non-observance of the instructions for use are found;
• Problems with computer programs and software, including preinstalled software, and problems caused by software.
• the damage is related to the misuse of the product
• the buyer does not provide a document confirming the purchase of the goods (which is also a guarantee basis for the goods)

Võtmekeskus OÜ reminds you:

In the case of warranty work with auto keys, the client must come only with the car. If you cannot come by car, please contact our consultant at info@autolukuabi.ee.